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Hello again! Thank you for your wonderful music and photography. New music from you is always welcome!
Thank you for sharing innermost self, as well as your profound connection to the natural world. Greetings from America!
Hail Odin! Lovely music. Going to pick up your discography.
Your music is really good. Your vocals are strong and amazing, and it sounds so deep and powerful when you bang on the drums. I can't have enough of it, I love it all! Disir and Nornir are my favourite songs so far. I like your music as Eliwagar too, will you ever make music under that name again?
absolutely in love with your music! such a wonderful landscape you create, big big inspiration to go outside with my drum and sing! Thank you so much for sharing your inner voice - wish you all the best in the world! May the gods always be with you! ...saw you at Midgardsblot, very powerful and fun :-)

Runahild Playlist

Rúnahild - Seidsang & Seidhjallar

 Double CD edition, digipack limited to 500 copies
23 euros including shipping

Rúnahild - Seidrúnar

14 euros (postpaid included)

Rúnahild - Seidgaldr

 14 euros including postpaid