Waking up on the island Dønna (Northern Norway) to a magical atmosphere reigning over the many burial mounds from the iron age period.

This was for me the second time I visited this place. The first time, I met a white rabbit while wandering between the mounds, it looked at us just before disappearing again behind the dark trees. A meeting that touched my soul deeply. I left a few homemade cakes to the spirits of the dead and left with a feeling of thankfulness and amazement... 
This time, we arrived by night and first thing we did was to make a fire. Then I took my lyre and started to play, as I was inspired to sing to thank them for welcoming us for this night. The sky was still cloudy after a whole day driving under the pouring rain, but slowly it was clearing up, showing a few stars here and there and we could guess the northern lights between the clouds... I lied down by a birch, the flames of the dying fire dancing on the white bark, looking at the beauty of the sky revealing itself in short moments and fell alseep... 
Very early morning, we woke up to a sight that was quite exceptional. The horizon in the east was painted with a vibrant red, while the rest of the sky was still very dark, with a purple tint as it was closer to the sunrise and the stars still shining so bright. I was following a path leading to the sea and met a magnificent raven flying away. It all felt like being transported to the realm of elves and disir, a surreal-like experience that has marked my spirit with magic... 



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