I proudly joined Folket Bortafor Nordavinden for their opening concert at Midgardsblot, it has been beyond amazing to be a part of this experience with such powerful people!

I met Benny and Gustav (the 2 men behind the project) at the Urkraftfestival 2016 where they also played a concert. First I met Gustav around the fire late in the evening. Everyone but an other person just left to go to bed when he came and sat by the fire and without saying much, he started to play on his handdrum... couldn't resist and joined him and we shared a really nice moment that night, kind of introducing each other through drumming and tuning our singings to one an other. Sometimes all you need is to flow within the energy, no word needed! Later during this same festival I had an inspired talk with Benny which just confirmed where I wanted to go with my music and strenghtened my intention with starting this side project of mine and take a break from Eliwagar for a while.

I saw them live for the first time then, although I knew about them already, and I remember thinking how I would love working together with them. Then a few months back, Benny said he had to talk to me and asked me if I would be interested in joining them live at Midgardsblot! I was very surprised and so happy that they wanted to do something together with me as I also actually did wish for a collaboration with them and although august is a busy time of the year at the farm, I couldn't possibly say no and decided this had to be my priority...

I am so deeply thankful for these 2 awesome guys, Benny and Gustav, simply love you guys!! Thankful that you welcomed me to be a part of your energy to create music straight from the heart and soul! Meeting you is truly a gift and this live experience with you will remain carved in my spirit...


Photo credit: Carl Eok Torgersen


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