"Kvinnekraft" (woman energy) was inspired after a woman circle during january's full moon. I came back home, stared at the magical moon that brightened the snowy landscape and this drum rythm followed by the singing melody and the words came to me naturally.

There is something powerful happening when women gather in a circle, like a pure healing energy born from the bound we create with one an other when we meet as our true authentic self, accepting both our strength and vulnerability, sharing both our inspiration and our wounds, without judgment or competition... reviving the sisterhood spirit!


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Runahild Playlist

Rúnahild - Seidsang & Seidhjallar

 Double CD edition, digipack limited to 500 copies
23 euros including shipping

Rúnahild - Seidrúnar

14 euros (postpaid included)

Rúnahild - Seidgaldr

 14 euros including postpaid