Veiviser (Pathfinder)

On the new moon of January 2022, I made this new drum, which I named Veiviser (Pathfinder). 

Many years ago, I prepared this reindeer hide that I got from the Sami in Northern Norway, but my first attempt at making a drum with it wasn’t a success back then and so that project was set aside… until I dreamt of a reindeer drum being given to me, and when waking up, I realised I had now everything I needed to finally give birth to this drum (including some more knowledge about how to actually make a drum), so I gathered everything and went into my sanctuary. 

In the process of creation, I sang my intentions into the drum: hope, love, healing transformation and what is to me some of the reindeer’s wisdom - being a part of a greater community and being stronger together - so this drum became for me a symbol of hope, healing and reconnection for humanity and for all life on Mother Earth. The evening it was born, a winter storm was raging outside all while I was feeling safe and warm inside my sacred space. This became symbolic of finding inner peace within even when the outside world may be chaotic and frightening, so that even in the wildest storms and hardest times I may find the way and not get lost. I blessed it with my lunar blood to connect my very essence with the one of the animal and the tree (the frame is made of willow) whose energies live on within it. 

Although I was first of all setting these intentions to help myself on a personal level, these are the energies I also send out when I play on it and sing with it. It does help me feel connected to all the souls who wish for peace out there and does remind me that each one of us has the power to make this world a better place by choosing who we want to be and how we want to contribute to this world. We may feel small and helpless when we trick ourselves to believe we are alone and that we cannot make a difference on our own. But we are not alone. We are a part of humanity, humanity is a part of nature and we are all connected to all life on Earth. 

May the love that binds us heal the fear that divides us.