New digital single: Astralseid

While the song Disabrunn released 3 weeks ago was about escaping into the darkness of the night to seek shelter and comfort into the unseen, Astralseid is the healing energy received when feeling a genuine connection to all that is on earth and within the universe. 

Connection is what gives me deep healing. The way I experience it, healing happens when I feel that I belong and that I am being accepted and loved wholeheartedly as who I am, with all my darkness and light, vulnerabilities and strengths… whether I get this comforting feeling from my encounter with nature, animals or fellow human beings. But for me, this is a feeling to be sought just as much within the self as from the outside environment. Giving oneself love and nurture even in the places that hurt the most within the self is some of the hardest things to do… yet the deepest wounds are the parts of ourselves that need love the most, for rejecting them or hating them only make them grow deeper. 
Sometimes, all our inner darkness needs is that we sit by their side and listen to their ache and sorrow, so to show them the distant light of the stars transcending the darkness of the infinite sky above…