New video for the song "Disir"

During the ancestor's night earlier this autumn, just before the november full moon, a few words were inspired to me during a drum journey. I later used the essence of this moment to compose this song that I wanted to share with you for the winter solstice, which will be celebrated this coming thursday 21st.

"Disir" refers to female spirits associated with fate and the spirits of ancestral foremothers who are both nurturing and protecting. I named the song after them as it is influenced by the nurturing and healing energy of the moon as well as being inspired by the connection between the wise foremothers who once walked this earth and the young healers of this age who follow their path, reconnecting to ancient wisdom to reintegrate our sacred feminine energy within ourselves and heal the hidden wounds in the collective subconscious after centuries of denying, suppressing and demonizing it.

In the moonshine, we can journey in the darkness and as her silver light reveals what is hidden deep within, we can heal the wounded parts of ourselves... then, the night will birth the sun once again and shed light on a new rising day. On winter solstice, dwell by the roots like the trees have gathered all their life energy underground, strengthen within the earth, within yourself to grow higher when light returns...

I also feel for adding that when I write about the feminine energy, I mean the feminine energy in its pure essence, not defined by whether we are born female or male. The universe is created by opposite and complementary energies integrated within each other, giving birth to life and all that is and creating harmony when they are in perfect balance.