Wisdom of Trees

When a tree has reached a certain heigh and strength, it helps the younger ones of its kind by giving them some of the nutriments and nurturing them through the fungi network, a.k.a. wood wide web. In the forest, everything is connected through this network, creating a unified organic system living in symbiosis. Trees also warn each other of danger such as insect attack through this network.

Sacred Birch Syrup - from crystal clear to golden amber

It was spring equinox last week and these days I have been busy collecting the precious sap from birch trees to make birch syrup... which is the Scandinavian variant of the Canadian maple syrup - same process, however different taste and different qualities.

Chaga - medicine mushroom

Working on new songs in Seidsang Studio together with Gustav Holberg who is recording and mixing. In between the intensive work on music, we found time to go for a walk and got gifted some chaga mushroom we made tea from. On that same walk, a deer greeted us, 3 eagles flied above us and the ravens accompanied us along... powerful energies within nature infused into the flowing inspiration these days...


Ethereal dawn


 Waking up on the island Dønna (Northern Norway) to a magical atmosphere reigning over the many burial mounds from the iron age period.