Free Spirit out now on CD and limited vinyl edition! 

I am super thrilled to announced that Free Spirit is now finally being released physically, both on CD and vinyl limited editions, including 3 photo prints. The vinyl edition is limited to 100 copies.
I am also happy to announce that I am collaborating with Astral Synergy Productions and that all my merch are now available on the Synergy shop.
Astral Synergy was born from wanting to create something different from the traditional style of running a label, which in our opinion is getting obsolete in this digital age. The idea is to support artists, but without signing them. So the artists keep their total independence and the copyrights of all their material.
At this point this is the only way I can work together with anybody else in regard of releasing music. In the same time, the need of a community is important. There is just so much that needs to be taken care of when being an independent artist and it is good to come together with people with different skills.
So here is to a new adventure and a new chapter of my music career!

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Shadow Work: new single out now! 

Shadow Work is inspired by my recent journey back to where I grew up when I played at Fensch Viking Fest. I see the first part of my life prior to moving to Norway in 2010 as a journey in my underworld, a time when my most traumatic life experiences happened and when I gave up all hope for life in the darkest period, while moving to the mountains here was the start of a long healing process.


“Shadow work” is a concept first developed by Carl Jung. Shortly explained, it is about uncovering parts of ourselves that have been repressed in our unconscious as a result of traumas (whether personal and/or generational), as a survival strategy or as cultural conditioning for example. 

I have worked a lot on revisiting memories, visualising myself talking to my old self in given situations to seek understanding and to give love and hold space for what my old self needed to convey and express from these moments frozen in time. It is to me about reminding myself of where I am today instead of staying prisoner of the past. It is about reassurance and being the person I needed to have in my life back in those painful moments. It is about remembering what makes me me and who I am in my core. 
It is also about getting to know myself, for part of what I once thought was the result of trauma itself actually is who I am and how I am wired, and the trauma comes from society rejecting those features I am born with and me thinking something had been profoundly wrong with me and the way I am all along. 


2023 has been an intense year of identity seeking, leading me to currently undergoing a formal assessment for autism. I have suspected I was on the spectrum in many years, but I have had a lot of self doubt. However one experience after the other this year made it crystal clear to me that it was about time to get answers and find my truth. 

My whole life I have struggled with the words “I am”. I have felt so much anger and frustration when being asked to present myself, for all I truly felt for saying was “I am broken”. That has been my truth, until now. Understanding autism is explaining my very whole existence, and is allowing me to accept myself as who I am, and rewrite my truth to “I am autistic, this is how I function and I am worthy as who I am”. 

Why is it important for me to get a formal diagnosis at this stage in my life (now 37 years old)? 

First of all, because autism isn’t something we grow out of. It is just as relevant now as it ever would have been, had I been diagnosed earlier. Understanding how I am wired gives me a more correct compass to navigate this world according to my personal needs, strengths and challenges. 

Because it explains every time I have been shutting down in social situations, unable to even smile or respond in a conversation because I was overwhelmed and had no energy left to socialise. It made me feel like I was very rude, all while having no control whatsoever to do anything about it anyway. It made me feel guilty, but I now understand better this threshold and can learn to avoid it by putting healthy boundaries as much as possible and retire from overstimulating situations in time. 

Because it explains why I cannot possibly talk when I am emotionally overwhelmed or in shut down, and I need to wait for my inner world to slowly calm down again before I can get words out of my mouth. That can mean several hours and up to several days in worst case. It has been frustrating for people in my life wondering what was wrong, but I was unable to communicate it and that led to misunderstanding sometimes, although I always eventually come to a point when I can finally explain my reactions and triggers. 

Because it explains why I struggle committing into friendship, and the fear that such commitment would take away too much of my alone time that is vital to me, because I really just want to be in my own universe. 

Because it explains why I get so easily drained in social situations, resulting in me having to be careful to not have too much on my agenda so I don’t end up being burnt out. That means for example that I cannot go on tour like other artists do. If I have 3 to 4 shows during a year, I consider it full booked. It takes a considerable amount of energy building up to a show and a considerable amount of time recharging afterward. But I truly thrive once I am on stage, so it is all beyond worth it! 

Because I wish people understood how I function so they don’t take my reactions personally. It is hard to feel guilt on top of everything because people take things the wrong way, when it really just is me having to deal with my own inner world. It is painful to feel like I am a disappointment because I need to limit my amount of social time and sometimes have to decline an invite when I know it will be too much for me and that it is vital for me to save my energy. 

These are just a few reasons among so many others why getting a formal diagnosis is so important to me now, for it is finally giving meaning and value to the words “I am”. 
My song Shadow Work is deeply entwined with this process as it is about recovering my identity, shedding a light in the darkness of my past to finally understand my whole journey. It is about stopping to beat myself up for never reaching unachievable goals, simply because I used the wrong compass. 
It is about transforming hate into love as I can finally hold space for my whole authentic autistic self. 

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In Between Worlds - digital single out now! 

In Between Worlds was inspired both by the otherworldly atmosphere of the marshes that I feel deeply drawn into each time I immerse myself in their ethereal beauty, and by the wild and ecstatic energies I have experienced at the electronic festival Forest Star in Sweden where I played at Midsummer 2023. Both these contrasting energies are expressed and reflected in this song, a journey from the mystical wilderness to the heart of a tribal ritual, bewitched by the magic of life in the various shapes it may take.

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Free Spirit - digital album out now! 

Free Spirit is about coming home to our very essence and core energy, to journey through our shadows to our inner light to integrate our authentic self, and to hold space for ourselves and for one another in this process. 

It is about weaving together our healing energies to find a path where humanity as a whole reconnects to nature, to remember our connection to all that is and the vital importance of this interconnectivity.  It is about remembering that all life on earth is of equal value and that none is above nor under, for we all exist as a part of a whole within the web of life.

Free spirit is for love and respect, and for the sacredness of all life!

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New album: Wounded Healer - OUT NOW! 

My new album Wounded Healer is out now!!!

Wounded Healer is my own journey and process of healing past trauma. I have spent a fair amount of time spinning my way back to the source of my inner darkness and the reason for the social anxiety and depression that have greatly influenced my life from the very start. 

On this journey I have understood that my own painful experiences have been tainted by the unresolved traumas within my family, that reflected upon me. Whether passed down through genetics or through how their presence, actions and energies have affected my life, I became aware of the ancestral patterns that vibrate in disharmony within me, which needs to be transformed. 

One layer at a time, I have been diving deeper into the inner sea of my unconscious, with Mother Nature to give me a shelter and to always remind me of the magic of this world and with music to give me a way to express myself when I otherwise became silent. 

One layer at a time, I came closer to the source of my aching. The hardships, violence and abuses experienced within my family have left a deep open wound, which has been influencing my own way of coming into this world and experiencing life. 

So I had a drum journey which I initiated by inviting the spirit of all my ancestors to join me and heal as I heal within. And as I journeyed back in time seeking answers, old wounds and forgotten memories concealed within my subconscious came back to the surface. And so I saw the faces of my ancestors and I could see in their eyes the tremendous and deeply ingrained amount of pain that had been torturing them. I could feel how their own life experiences, their struggles to survive and the wars they had to endure had shaped them. And I could see how this transpired from one generation to the next and how it had been defining a long line of individuals, and in the end, haunting me. 

So I sat among the shadows and I listened to those distant whispers. As I held space for them, it became clear to me that what they had been craving for all along was nurture, safety and care. As this part of me emerged from my underworld, I met the darkness with love, and I breathed in the life energy it had been withholding. And as this transcending stream of energy rises from within, I sing myself free and back into my body, I dance with the wilderness and feel the ecstasy of life spellbinding me. 

My shadows and my light makes me whole on this ever-going process of transformation, acknowledging both the wounded and the healer within.


Available on CD on Grimfrost Records.
Digital streaming and download on Bandcamp.
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Sacred Feminine: out now! 

Sacred Feminine is out now digitally on Bandcamp and on all major platform. 

“Sacred Feminine” is about nurturing and holding space for what once has been wounded and, by doing so, starting a process of transformation and regeneration to re-ignite a life-force from within. 

The writing of this EP was initiated by forgotten memories coming back to the surface. Old wounds, concealed deep within my subconscious, longing for relief. For me, the only way onward has been to listen to those distant haunting whispers. As I hold space for my shadows and darkest emotions, it becomes clear that what they had been craving for all along was the nurture, safety and care I am now giving. As this part of me emerges from my underworld, I meet my wounded self with love and I breathe in the life energy it had been withholding. And as this stream of energy rises from within, I sing myself free, dance with the wilderness and feel the ecstasy of life spellbinding me. 

Sacred Feminine is released independently with Astral Synergy Productions. Astral Synergy is the label Gustav Holberg and I started together to release our own music for our respective projects Astralseid and Rúnahild, as well as supporting other projects and artist friends we work together with. 

Mastered by Kjell Braaten

Photography and cover art by yours truly.

Interview with Júlia Cruzán and NeferShu (Spanish/English) 

I am honoured and deeply grateful to have been interviewed by my friend Júlia Cruzán and her friend NeferShu, who chose today, when we celebrate Women's Day, to release it online. We talk about my lifestyle and spirituality and I share also about my inspiration and personal experience that gave birth to my new EP Sacred Feminine, set to release this Friday, 12th March. 

The interview is both available in Spanish and includes the original English version below.