Songs from the heart of nature,

inspiration from the depth of the soul.


Rúnahild is a free spirited ethereal folk & folktronica project, hailing from an off-grid wooden cabin in the mountains of Norway. Inspired by her healing journey and spiritual connection to nature, her music aims to hold space for others to explore their own inner universe. 

Since the beginning of the project in 2016, the intention has been to compose intuitively, by channelling emotions and energies, and weaving improvised songs and sounds together to create harmonies. The voice is the main element of the music, ranging from emotional and ethereal to raw and tribal. Through the albums, the organic sound of the various folk instruments and drums, that has been a part of the project’s signature from the start, is now being merged with the atmospheric quality of the synthesiser and rhythmic electronic beats.
As well as music, nature photography is an intrinsic part of her artistic expression. Her wish is to share her world of magic within the spellbinding beauty and wisdom of nature to inspire dreams.

On a personal level, Rúnahild started the process of undergoing an autism diagnosis in 2023, at 37 years old. The new material she is working on, including the newly released singles “Shadow Work” and “In Between Worlds”, is dedicated to this journey of self discovery and to embracing diversity.
As one result of being autistic, she has always had difficulties communicating and connecting with people, leading to music becoming an alternative way for her to share her inner world and vision since 2005 when she bought her first keyboard and started composing.
Respectively, music has been her way to journey into her own emotions to express them as they manifest through melodies, sounds and lyrics.
Rúnahild pours her very essence into songs, for music is her medicine and connection from the depth of her soul to the outside world.