Draum was originally released on my EP Sacred Feminine. This is a new and revisited version of this song included on my album Wounded Healer.

Draum is about remembering the time and place when and where we lost a part of ourselves as a response to a traumatic experience, dissociating from it or hiding it deep within in an attempt to protect it from being harmed again. It is about holding space and listening to our inner voice guiding us within our unconscious inner world, so to reunify with that part of us that makes us whole and that makes us who we are; and guide it back to the surface, to the light and back to life.


Eg følgjer min indre song 
Den lokkar meg innerst inne 
Eg kjenner en djupt sorg 
Eg lyttar i mørket 
Skuggane kviskrar 
Eg kjem i hug 

Eg synger liv 
Eg synger lys 
Eg seider meg hel 
Eg seider meg fri 
Eg seider meg i min Kraft 


English translation: 

I follow my inner song 
It lures me within 
I feel a deep sorrow 
I listen in the darkness 
The shadows are whispering... 
I remember 

I sing life 
I sing light 
I seid myself whole 
I seid myself free 
I seid myself in my energy

wounded healer

I recorded a stripped-down version of a new song I am working on, entitled "Wounded Healer". It is a song about healing the traumas we inherit from our ancestors and transform that darkness within us into life energy.


As I hold space for my darkness 
For my wounds and my scars 
I withhold within 
Hidden in my shadow 
All the pain, all the sorrow 
Never leaving me alone 
Haunting me, haunting me... 
From deep within 

As I journey in my inner world 
In a sea of emotions 
I summon the spirit of my ancestors 
I see in your eyes 
All the pain, all the sorrow 
You've carried within 
All the darkness haunting you, haunting me 
Your fate has woven mine 
Leaving a print on my soul 
Your wounds became mine 
Within me, we are one 
As I heal, I heal you 
And I breathe life within

seidsang studio session

We filmed this session while working on a new song to share with you the atmosphere within which music comes to life in Seidsang Studio.