Drum Circle Song

I want to share with you a song I have learned in a drum circle. I originally learned it in Norwegian but I also wrote an english translation if any non-norwegian speaker should want to learn it and wish to also be singing it by the fire, with friends or anytime you might feel for it.

Here goes the line:

Jeg er en del av alt som er
Alt som er er en del av meg
Jeg hører til i verden her
Jeg hører til som den jeg er

In english:

I am a part of all that is
All that is is a part of me
I belong here into this world
I belong here as who I am

For me this song reminds me of how everything is connected and how we all have our very own place in this world, in our unique way, and that who we are does matter as we influence the world simply by being ourselves. It doesn’t matter how we may feel outsider, how we may feel too little or powerless… who we are is making the world what it is and partaking in creating this reality.

I am grateful to Aina who taught me the words and to all the people I have been singing it together with. I hope some of you who read this will also find some inspiration in this song.