New album "Seidrúnar" out 27th october 2017


While the first album "Seidgaldr" represents a journey to the underworld and to the subconscious to wander through the shadows, embrace and heal the darkness within, "Seidrúnar" is about coming to the inner source connecting us to everything that is in the universe. After a long journey through the mist and shadows, Seidrúnar is about coming to the inner well at the very depth of our being and looking into the deep silent water to see the reflection of the stars and the whole universe.

We are like individualized personification of the universe, everything that is is within us and we are within everything that is. All is energy and all energy is woven together in this eternal web that we call universe.

I decided to not include any of the words I sing in the booklet this time. Some of the concept behind this project is to focus less on words and more on energy. Everybody has their own personal journey and their own personal way to experience their spirituality and connection to nature and to the universe. Words can be very limiting and binding as they only represent our own expression based from our own perspective. Sometimes reading about an other person's way to live their spirituality may make other feel like they have no ability on their own because they have never been experiencing what this other person describes, while they may oversee what they themselves have actually experienced. We can all experience magic and spirituality as long as we free ourselves from what is being defined as such by the outside world and rather seek what does it mean into our own inner self. So, if the music I write speaks to you, just let it take you wherever it shall, let it make you feel the emotion that it may summon in you independently from what emotions have been summoned in me while composing it. Experience it as your own journey!

Listen to "Seidrúnar" and "Stjernerfrø":