Sacred Feminine: out now!

Sacred Feminine is out now digitally on Bandcamp and on all major platform. 

“Sacred Feminine” is about nurturing and holding space for what once has been wounded and, by doing so, starting a process of transformation and regeneration to re-ignite a life-force from within. 

The writing of this EP was initiated by forgotten memories coming back to the surface. Old wounds, concealed deep within my subconscious, longing for relief. For me, the only way onward has been to listen to those distant haunting whispers. As I hold space for my shadows and darkest emotions, it becomes clear that what they had been craving for all along was the nurture, safety and care I am now giving. As this part of me emerges from my underworld, I meet my wounded self with love and I breathe in the life energy it had been withholding. And as this stream of energy rises from within, I sing myself free, dance with the wilderness and feel the ecstasy of life spellbinding me. 

Sacred Feminine is released independently with Astral Synergy Productions. Astral Synergy is the label Gustav Holberg and I started together to release our own music for our respective projects Astralseid and Rúnahild, as well as supporting other projects and artist friends we work together with. 

Mastered by Kjell Braaten

Photography and cover art by yours truly.