Seiðr and Varðlokkur

Seidkvinnens Urter released a beautiful video to share her interpretation of a volve through a serie of evocative pictures taken within the spellbinding Norwegian nature. I feel deeply honoured that she chose my song Vardlokkur to accompany her video and I am glad I discovered her art and magic vibe! Feel welcome to check her page where she shares her knowledge and connection to sacred herbs, plants, nature beauty and folklore.

Here is what she wrote about this video: 

“As cited in the Saga of Erik the Red, Vardlokkur, the song of Seidr, refers to that special shamanic song, used to prepare the Volve for trance and to summon the spirits to her. It is used for inducing trance and performing seiðr. 

Runahild, a amazing artist from Norway, has made her own interpretation of vardlokkur! 

And I am so happy to get to borrow her music to my interpretation of a volve! Thank you Runahild!”

You can follow Seidkvinnens Urter here: