Seidrsang recording studio

I have been working on the next album over the past few months and all the new songs have been recorded in my new little home studio, it is not quite the typical professional recording studio, pretty much basic material: a zoom R24 digital recorder and one mic. It is very cozy and peaceful as it stands on its own on a hill and it is at the heart of inspiration within the beautiful nature - so it is all I truly desire!

This little home is powered by solar pannels on the roof of the wood shed. It has been built mostly with material from the area like the pine trees and it is insulated with sheep wool.

I originally named it Urdarúnar studio, but then I dreamt that it should rather be called Seidrsang studio as it fits more truly with my work, so I decided to follow the dream idea.




Just some of the instruments I have been using for new songs: zither, crystal singing bowls, hardanger fiddle and lyre.


 The wood shed with solar pannels facing the south side.


A lovely friend from the wild :)