Seidsang & Seidhjallar - double CD edition out 21st january 2019


Seidsang is dedicated to healing within the sacred feminine energy in the most hidden places of the soul, diving deep into the shadows of the subconscious, guided only by the light of the moon and the stars, to inner wounds in need to be nurtured and healed.


Seidhjallar is dedicated to the sacred synthesis of darkness and light. It draws its inspiration from spiritual journeys into the other-worldly and earthly realms following the rhythm of drums and songs to travel oneself through. 

It is initiated by the synergic union of femininity and masculinity as symbol of the 2 polarities within the universe that makes it whole and creator of all that is in the eternal cycle of life, death and rebirth. It is the reconnection to the source of the soul when these 2 essences melt as one and thus connect to all that is beyond time and space.

Seidhjallar relates to the norse word "Seiðhjallr" which is a high seat where the norse magic called seid was performed. 
My new album has been conceived within intimate rituals in a retired cabin on the heights of the Norwegian mountains, therefore was given this name.



The artwork is a mix of the moon landscape from the previous Seidsang album and the painting of northern light spirits by Steinar Solvang, whose grand daughter Mari Hansen gave me the permission to use.

Mastered as always by Markus Skroch and Kalthallen Studios!