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Rúnahild - In Between Worlds

Digital single

In Between Worlds was inspired both by the otherworldly atmosphere of the marshes that I feel deeply drawn into each time I immerse myself in their ethereal beauty, and by the wild and ecstatic energies I have experienced at the electronic festival Forest Star in Sweden where I played at Midsummer 2023. Both these contrasting energies are expressed and reflected in this song, a journey from the mystical wilderness to the heart of a tribal ritual, bewitched by the magic of life in the various shapes it may take.


released on grimfrost records

The 3 albums "Seidfylgjur", "Astralseid" and "Wounded Healer" have been released with Grimfrost Records and are therefore to be ordered directly from them. The "buy now" buttons links to the CDs on their website.

Rúnahild - Wounded Healer

Physical CD available on Grimfrost Records

Rúnahild - Astralseid

Physical CD available on Grimfrost Records

Rúnahild - Seidfylgjur

Physical CD on Grimfrost Records

self released