Songs from the heart of nature,

inspiration from the depth of the soul.


My love for nature is what gives birth to my artistic expression through music and photography. I live in a small cottage in the western mountains of Norway, following the rhythm of the northern seasons.

I created my first one-woman project Eliwagar in 2006. I have composed and released several albums of heathen folk/folk rock music during its 10 years of existence. In 2016, I decided to end Eliwagar and release my music as Runahild, a name I have been using as my artist name since 2005. This decision was mainly influenced by a shift of inspiration, from dreaming myself in a far distant past to expressing personal spiritual experiences that shape my life and journey in this lifetime. I now define my music as "ethereal folk".

Some of my compositions are based on old folk instruments (lyre, zither, langeleik...etc), some on a drum rhythm, very often it originates from free singing and sometimes a melody played on a keyboard. There is no limit to which type of instruments are being used on the recordings (acoustic, ancient or electronic), as long as the quality of the sound is inspiring. Some songs and elements of my work are based on improvised recordings to channel and express raw energies, atmosphere and emotions; creating a soundscape that gives a natural feel.

I am also much inspired by the drum and song circles I have been a part of, when everyone within the circle harmonises to one an other with free-songs from the heart on ecstatic rhythms. The rising flow of energy transcends the soul and opens up to visions, like an inner/outer landscape inviting to wander within the ethereal realm.